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If you are looking for an easy affordable and fresh alternative to eating out; or an alternative to ensure you are eating enough AF Clean Cuisine has just what you need.  Our calorie and portion controlled meals help you have healthy meals available for purchase.  Why bother going out to eat unhealthy when you can pick and choose delicious options without having to worry about finding nutritional information. 


All meals are created to include clear macro nutrients to help you ensure you are not only eating the right amount of calories but you are also ensuring you receive a very good balance of fat, carbs and protein   Each meal is designed to give you the fuel you need to live a healthier, fuller life to support your nutrition conscious lifestyle giving your body the nourishment it needs.

How It Works

Make Your Selection

Heat, Eat, Freeze

Macronutrient Planning


  • Review the meals and identify your selections.  

  • Select 3 meals of your choice. Mix & match if you desire just maintain the 3 order minimum. 

  • Ensure you place your order by the identified deadline day and time.

  • All meals are served in a freezer ready microwavable container.

  • Eat food or freeze for future consumption.

  • Place the food in the microwave for up to 2 minutes and allow to rest for an additional 30 seconds.    

  • Your body needs a minimum of 1,200 calories a day for all of your major organs to function. 

  • We’ve provided you with key calorie & additional macronutrients to make it easy for you to plan and stay on track.

Donna Mathis, SilverSneaker Member

"I’m an old school cook and loved the cranberry chicken salad. It was light and very tasty.  I would have never imagined eating chicken salad with little to no mayonnaise could taste that good"


Sharon Rogers, Nurse

"I’ve been on my weight loss journey for so long and I know eating healthier has always been my problem.  I love the variety and blend of flavors or things I would have never thought to put together"



Roger McCorkle, Anytime Fitness Member

“This is heaven sent!  I just don’t have time to cook and really don’t want too cook.  Now when I leave the gym I can grab a healthy snack and because it’s coming from my gym I know it’s prepared healthy to keep me on track”