• Angela Christopher

Stop dieting. Start living!

DIETS DON’T WORK, plain and simple. Your focus should not be on just losing weight but creating habits which lead to a healthier lifestyle. There are three main problems with popular diet programs, all of which occur because they do not follow the findings of nutrition science:

1. They’re concerned with reducing weight rather than the correct approach of reducing body fat.

2. They strip off vital muscle which is the major body component that burns fat in the first place. They take off weight far too fast, throwing the body into a defensive, fat-preserving condition. The true purpose of weight reduction is to dispose only of excess body fat while retaining your muscle and body water. Dehydration decimates health and performance and muscle-loss is even worse.

Start a new chapter in your life by making a decision to make small changes which can ultimately lead to big victories. Use this as a guide:

1. Begin each day with a plan. Never wing what you are going to eat. When you plan you generally stay on track and reach your goals faster. Even if you start with planning one meal like breakfast, that is a start!

2. Track your macronutrients. I know it may be hard to do but you have to track your food. Again, you can't wing it. If you are eating consistently but don't know how many calories you should be consuming daily and making sure you are eating that correct amount with a good balance of fat, carbs and protein; you are doing yourself a disservice. My Fitness Pal is an easy tool to use that can help you get started. You can also always swing by Anytime Fitness and we can provide you with a nutrition consult to outline the right macronutrients.

3. Don't get discouraged . You didn't gain weight or begin an unhealthy lifestyle overnight so don't get frustrated when you don't see changes quickly. You have to be consistent. You will have bad day's. Don't use food as an excuse to get off track. Find an accountability partner you can call when you feel tempted to get off track and need a little motivation and encouragement.

You can do this. Just keep telling yourself this and you'll be on your way.

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