• Angela Christopher

Why You Aren't Losing Weight.

When you don’t eat enough calories throughout the day, up to 45% of the weight loss comes from the body cannibalizing its own muscle tissue. While speaking with a member recently we reviewed everything they ate for the day. She ate 3 meals but we actually realized she only consumed about 800 calories for the day.

Women need a minimum of 1,200 calories a day and men 1,500 calories just for all of your major organs to function. Start by finding out what your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is; this number will tell you how many calories your body needs to function at rest. When you know this number that should serve as your baseline for calories for the day with maybe a 200-400 calorie deficit for weight loss but never dropping below 1,200 calories.

When you don’t eat, your body is still operating and needs fuel to function. If you don’t provide your body with the key essentials it needs; guess what, it will pull it from your muscle. The results are, you can look thin but still have a whopping 30% body fat… obese by today’s standards! Body fat itself has very low metabolic activity, meaning that it burns fewer calories than muscle. Muscle is the furnace that burns a higher rate of calories and in which body fat itself is burned. If you want to burn fat and do it with faster results then you will need to keep muscle on your body. Understanding this concept is critical to achieving your health and performance goals. A simple way to rebuild, after you’ve reset your fat point or come off of a fad diet, is to raise your caloric intake slowly (by no more than 10%/day). This can easily be done by planning what you are going to eat or simply consuming a protein if you need something quick. Regardless, if you are not losing weight and maintaining body fat you have to focus on making sure you aren’t losing quality muscle which is essential to getting that shape, definition you are aiming for along with your weight loss goals.

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