• Angela Christopher

5 Things Fit People Do Daily.

I don’t know anyone who just wakes up happy to hit to the gym. I definitely don’t; however, there are a few select people who seem to have this secret for staying on track and getting it done day after day. So what do they know or do that others seem to struggle with? I looked at my own personal journey and thought about people I’ve met over the years and come up with five key similarities we all do.

1. Fit people don’t make excuses. A quote I heard years ago that still guides me is “excuses are tools of the incompetent that build monuments of nothing. Those that specialize in them seldom amount to anything” . The only person holding you back is YOU. Stop making excuses for where you are today; get off your butt and get it done.

2. Fit people always have a plan. I never walk into the gym without at least an idea of what I’m going to do. It may be to take a class, do some cardio or focus on a weak area. Regardless, you are more likely to follow through when you have a plan. I use Google Tasks for everything including setting reminders of the workouts I’m going to do and when.

3. Fit people are disciplined . It is so easy to get off track or discouraged. If this is you, hire a trainer to keep you in line at least one day a week. Sometimes you need someone to give you that little boost. Investing in a trainer is a lot less expensive than high medical bills that can result in you being overweight, medication or more.. You have to be disciplined in your workouts AND your meals. One without the other will not work they must go hand in hand.

4. Fit people workout early. It is hard for me to workout in the evening. When I get up early and workout I’m a little more disciplined throughout the day and focused. This does not mean if you workout in the evening you aren’t productive; data just shows people who workout early tend to jump start their metabolism and day better seizing every moment and often workout again in the evening as a bonus.

5. Fit people make fitness fun. I’m not gonna lie; working out consistently is hard. When you find a way to make it fun, it helps you get through the workout. Participate in a challenge to keep you motivated; set a reward goal for yourself; sign up for an event to work towards. If you dread doing it, you won’t stick to it. You only have one life and that one body.

Don’t waste another moment commit to be fit by starting with 1 of the 5 habits until you can achieve all 5. You’ve got this!

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