• Angela Christopher

The Truth about Fat -Part I

The Truth about Fat, Part I

Finding the proper way to truly lose weight, burn fat and build muscle is a challenge for many people, including me. Because there is so much information out there and it can be very overwhelming I’m going to break this information down for you in a few short blogs. Your “fat point” is determined mainly by the amount of food that you eat. When your bodies fat percentage stays at a certain point/level for a sustained amount of time your body will develop connective tissue cells to support the amount of fat you contain.

The longer you maintain high percentages of fat the harder it will be to get rid of it because your body views your increased “fat point” as your new normal. So, when you try to lose it depending upon how you go about this process your body will work hard to hold on to it as a defensive method. This is why I always stress to members, don’t go on crash diets or do extreme things to lose weight fast because you will probably gain it all back later. Just remember you didn’t gain weight overnight, don’t try and lose it overnight.

Do not reduce your food intake more than 10% a day so you don’t trigger a defensive mode in your body. For example, when you don’t eat consistently or starve yourself your body does not know if you just forgot to eat or if you are stranded on an island somewhere. When you are all over the place with your eating and habits your body will go into a defensive mode and hold on to whatever it has. Depending upon what you are eating, that may not be a good thing.

A few steps to begin tackling your battle with a high body fat percentage should start with; 1.Be consistent in your eating. Don’t give your body any reason to hold on to anything it does not need. 2. Focus on making food choices as “fuel choices”. Your food should give you energy and have a purpose. If you feel sluggish after you’ve eaten, you should probably stay away from that in the future. When you think of food as fuel it should help you make better, healthier choices. 3). Look at the amount of fat you are eating today. Fat not used for energy will store as fat, plain and simple. Focus on these three tips and aim to reset your fat point.

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