• Angela Christopher

Are You Burning Fat or Muscle?

Part II of the truth about fat focuses on incorporating exercise into your fat burning plan includes a video of what I ate prior and during my workout to continue burning fat. When you remain at a particular level of fat for a year or two, your body develops all the adipose cells capillaries and connective tissues to support that amount of fat. Your body comes to recognize that level of fat as self and will defend it vigorously. That is your fat point. Because your body views your fat point as the “new normal”, changing your fat point needs to occur slowly (as slowly as you put the weight on). Losing any more than ½- 1 pound a week will throw your body into defensive, fat-saving, state of starvation. Every time your body thinks it’s starving, it will do everything it can to defend the very stuff you are working so hard to get rid of…fat. Your body is continually monitoring your fat point with hormonal messengers, such as glycerol, which warn the brain to take defensive action if even a single ounce is used for fuel. The most you should reduce your food intake to reset your fat point is 10% day, this is why I stress it’s important to know what your basal metabolic rate (BMR) is.

For weight loss aim for 200-400 calorie deficit of this number but not going below 1,200 calories a day. During this phase your exercise plan which should be inclusive of strength training and cardio is essential to burning fat, while maintaining/building muscle. Muscle is the furnace that burns a higher rate of calories and in which body fat itself is burned. If you want to burn fat and do it with faster results then you will need to keep muscle on your body. Understanding this concept is critical to achieving your health and performance goals. A simple way to rebuild, after you’ve reset your fat point or come off of a fad diet, is to raise your caloric intake slowly (by no more than 10%/day). Start by including a Recovery Shake immediately following your workout

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