• Angela Christopher


I sometimes feel as though I am my worse critic. There are goals I have set for myself and I create unrealistic expectations for and get frustrated when I don’t reach these goals. “Seek PROGRESS, not PERFECTION”. Progress can, and is often very boring; yet rewarding if you count every milestone as a victory lap. Notice I said “lap” and not “step”. Learn to celebrate every victory or accomplishment with zest and vigor with all the pomp and circumstance you truly deserve. If you don’t celebrate yourself; how can you expect others to celebrate you. I am a true believer that you attract what you are and/or believe. I try not to view every situation as the glass being half full or half empty; but the glass ALWAYS OVERFLOWING!!! I recently had a conversation with a business colleague who was supposed to help me process a few problems. In the middle of the conversation I realized I was getting more and more depressed . The entire conversation was pointing out things I was doing wrong or missing. Trust me, if you are like me you are well aware of your mistakes and shortcomings and don’t need anyone to point them out to you with a big yellow sign. Needless to say, it will be a while before we speak again. What was helpful for me was that I’ve learned how to lift myself up when I put myself down or others put me down. Every negative thing that was said to me, I found how I had progressed in someway & acknowledged I wasn’t perfect but happy about where I was. On your fitness/personal journey remember to surround yourself with people who will celebrate you and don’t hesitate to cut toxic people or situations out of your life. When you can’t find anyone to celebrate you, learn how to celebrate yourself!!! You got this, YOU’RE AWESOME!

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