• Lindsey Kehl, Simple Again

Eat More, Weigh Less?

Surprised? Don’t be. It makes perfect sense. Take horses for example; they ‘graze’ all day long and they are nothing but lean muscle! On the other hand, you have the bear family; they have a few huge meals and then go to sleep for the winter. It’s no wonder why they have love handles. As the horses and many grazers of the world have taught us, eating small meals frequently will keep your blood pumping and your metabolism sky high, giving you loads of energy and a body to die for. When you eat less than your body requires, your cells panic and go into survival mode! Sometimes cells have more common sense than the body that encompasses them, no offense. Your body reacts as if you are literally starving. Immediately, your metabolism slows down significantly in order to conserve all calories that are coming in and currently in the system. All efforts to lose weight become more laborious than necessary.

STEP 1 INCREASE • Complex Carbs: leafy greens, whole grains, fruits, beans, etc. that your body has to work to break down, increasing your metabolism • Fiber: helps you feel full faster and longer; also increases digestion • Eat every 2.5–3 hours; frequent, balanced, nutrient-dense meals throughout the day keeps your metabolism strong and stable • Lean Protein: Fish, chicken, eggs, etc. to build strong muscle without the excess fat.

STEP 2 DECREASE • Saturated Fat: contains more than twice the calories of carbs and protein • Empty Calories: Simplecarbs such as sugar, alcohol, etc. waste your allotted calories with no helpful benefits to your body • Starving your body: Cells go into survival mode and metabolism slows, inhibiting weight loss efforts • Beef and Pork: even the leanest cuts are filled with unnecessary lipids, which are counteractive in losing pounds. Click here for the full article

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