• Angela Christopher

Ditch the Grits for Polenta

Polenta is back on the Clean Cuisine menu this week so let's talk about the benefits of this versatile food.

Polenta was originated in Italy. Now it is commonly eaten in Europe and the United States. It comes from yellow corn then being grounded into cornmeal. Polenta contains carbohydrates and proteins.

Top Four reasons polenta is a good food choice here's why:

1. Source of Protein & Fiber

- Makes you feel full faster. Fiber also feeds healthy gut bacteria, prevents constipation, and keeps the digestive system working properly.

2. Low in Fat

- Polenta is naturally low. If cooked on your own and your goal is lower your saturated fats intake be sure to cook Polenta in plant milk, water, or broth and not dairy milk, avoid adding extra flavor such as cheese or butter.

3. Gluten Free

- Great option for gluten-free eaters! Don't forget to read the ingredients for other add-ins if store bought.

4. Contains Carotenoids

- Polenta contains milled corn, which contains carotenoids that help decrease risk for certain diseases and even some cancers.

Check out the link below to learn more about

Source: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/319798.php

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