• Tara Muldrow

Rejuvenate your "Popeye" w/ Spinach!

Crepe's are no longer just for breakfast. If you ordered this week's menu you will be enjoying our Chicken Florentine Crepes w/ Spinach. Spinach was subsequently introduced in China and later expanded throughout the world. It is a versatile vegetable it can be eaten raw, cooked or sauteed.

Here are some reasons why you should eat spinach on a daily!

1. Bone Health

- Includes Vitamin K which helps prevents bone fractures

2. Healthy Skin and Hair

- Spinach contains Vitamin A, C and iron which helps with the production of oil for the skin and hair.

3. Helps maintain regularity in digestion

- High in fiber and water which prevents constipation and promotes a healthy digestive tract

Click the link below to find out more about Spinach & order to try this next week.


Source: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/270609.php

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