• Tara Muldrow

Mini balls of cabbage its Brussels Sprouts!

This week on the Clean Cuisine menu we have a shredded brussels sprouts salad which is great for spring or summer. They are apart of the Brassicaceae family but are closely related to mustard greens, kale, and cauliflower. This vegetable can be enjoyed as a side dish or main course.

Here are some benefits to eating brussel sprouts!

1. High in Fiber

- Cooked brussel sprouts contain 2 grams of fiber fulfilling up to 8% of daily fiber needs.

2. Rich in Vitamin K

- Could help with risk of blood clotting and bone growth

3. Maintain Healthy Blood Sugar

- Help keep blood sugar levels steady and decrease risk for diabetes.

You do not want to miss this weeks menu for Clean Cuisine click the link below to order before Saturday!


Source: https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/benefits-of-brussels-sprouts

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