• Tara Muldrow

Slow Down Moms Aging w/ Zucchini!

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! We all want mom around forever so try adding zucchini to her meals because it slows down aging. Yep. It's on the menu this week along with Honey Lime Chicken, Breakfast Kabobs and Meal/Veggie Lasagna. Save 20% this week w/ the code MOM20 when you order by Saturday

Just like the tomato, zucchini is is often called a fruit but used like a vegetable.

Here are some health benefits to eating Zucchini.

1. Lowers blood sugar levels

- helps increase your fiber intake which reduces carbohydrates making you feel fuller faster and increase your insulin sensitivity

2. Improves eye health

- Zucchini includes zeaxanthin and lutein to help maintain and improve eye sight

3. Improves thyroid and adrenal functions

- It contains high amounts of vitamin C and polyphenols, especially in the peels

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Source: https://foodrevolution.org/blog/zucchini-benefits/

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