• Angela Christopher, Anytime Fitness

Serving A Healthy Cheese to Burn Fat

When there are so many cheeses out there it's easy to just grab anything; but not with the Affordable Fresh Clean Cuisine meal!!! This week we are serving Chicken Basil Pecorino a fat burning meal!!! Pecorino cheese originated in Italy and is derived from sheep's milk. We've talked about fat burners before and the most popular one we love is CLA (conjugated linoleic acid).

Benefits of CLA include

  • reducing fat,

  • suppressing diabetes,

  • preserving muscle tissue and

  • inhibiting tumor growths on the skin, mammary glands, and stomach.

Pecorino cheese has the highest amounts of CLA than any other cheese so of course we're putting it on our menu!!. Research confirms that the regular, ongoing consumption of pecorino cheese, as part of a balanced and calorically correct diet, contributes a set of bioactive elements capable of significantly reducing the risk factors associated with eating habits in Western countries, such as cardiovascular diseases, and enhancing immune defenses, as well as providing proven anti-inflammatory and cancer-fighting properties. So what are you waiting for? Place your order now for meals next week.

Source: https://progressivegrocer.com/study-confirms-health-benefits-pecorino-romano-cheese

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