• Tara Muldrow

All Rice is Not the Same

Updated: Jan 6

All rice is not the same. If you are diabetic you want to focus on rices that are low on the Glycemic Index, Basmati Rice is one of those rices and a frequent type of rice on the Clean Cuisine and Frozen Fresh meals. Basmati rice comes in two different types, white or brown and is generally healthier than other rices.

Here are some benefits to eating Basmati Rice!

1. Diabetes Free

- Basmati rice contains lower glycemic index than any other rice.

2. Digestion/Constipation Aid

- Contains a normal amount of fiber which promotes movement of materials through out the body.

3. Lower Blood Pressure

- Basmati contains magnesium and potassium which has shown to lower blood pressure.

4. Promote Heart Health

- Lower in saturated fats, and contains more unsaturated fats which are lower in bad cholesterol.

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Source: https://niftybenefits.com/benefits-basmati-rice/

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